Isolation Is a Good Thing- The Steps and Speaker Series

The key to building successful relationships and making yourself valuable to others.

Stephen Meade presents, “Isolation is a Good Thing” — a step-by-step guide for building, not just a wide network, but a strong one.   Learn how to plan your future, measure your value, and prepare for opportunities.   Understand how to make introductions, start conversations, and build relationships.  Practice Stephen’s “Tornado Technique”: the basis for everything is to realize people don’t care about what you do, or understand it!  So, how can you isolate what you want and turn IMpossible to I.M.possible!

Below is an outline of the Ten Steps.  To see any of them in action, check out the videos

10 Steps to Success

Step 1

Design your Destiny

Step 2

Think WIFU/WIFM: What’s In It For You? What’s In It For Me

Step 3

The Tornado Technique

Step 4

Deflect, Defer, and Disclose

Step 5

Build referral currency

Step 6

Learn to recall a referral

Step 7

Learn to make an introduction

Step 8

Take meetings

Step 9

Ask great questions

Step 10

Build a good advisory board

PLUS!  Learn “the four quadrants of time”, the “four temperaments”, and “”the pace-palette test” for quickly gauging another person.  Stephen offers insightful advice that comes with natural talent and years of experience!  For more information, feel free to contact stephen.meade@bigbamboollc.com, or (312-953-2208).


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